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These are the terms on which we sell all Services to you.  By ordering any of the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.  You can only purchase the Services and Goods from the Website if you are eligible to enter into a contract and are at least 18 years old.​

Bookings are non refundable or transferable after booking confirmation is received. The exception to this is in the unlikely event that your booking cannot be fulfilled from our end, in which case Kenyan Photo Tours will stand any loss. You can withdraw the order by telling us before the contract is made, if you simply wish to change your mind and without giving us a reason, and without incurring any liability. Subject as stated in these Terms and Conditions, you can cancel this contract within 14 days of initial payment without giving any reason by email to:

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they check, and meet the entry requirements as set out by the Kenyan government. We cannot be liable for any clients who are refused entry at the border due to not meeting the entry requirements of Kenya. Please check with the FCO or Kenyan government portal before booking.

The client is strongly advised to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover any losses due to cancellations or flight delays, medical emergencies and loss/damage to any photography equipment. 

It is the responsibility of the client to check what vaccinations are required and what timescales obtaining the necessary vaccines will be. If you may require a full set of vaccinations do not book until they have been arranged with your healthcare provider as some may need to be administered several months apart.

It is the clients responsibility to wear seat belts at all times whilst in the vehicle on public roads. There may be times in the park when it is permissible to stand up, however clients should be aware that the tracks are bumpy and rough, and as such injury or damage to camera equipment could occur if you are not holding on firmly. Should you choose to stand up while the vehicle is in motion, Kenyan Photo Tours nor the driver shall be liable for injury or damage that may occur.

Whilst 99% of trips to Kenya are trouble free and an experience of a lifetime, being in close proximity to wild animals is inherently dangerous. It is important to follow the advice and direction of your tour leaders at all times for your safety. We cannot be held liable for any injury or death that may occur due to negligent or reckless behaviour.

Your privacy is critical to us. We respect your privacy and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation with regard to your personal information. For our data and privacy policy please see here. 

The description of the Services  is as set out in the Website, catalogues, brochures or other form of advertisement. Any description is for illustrative purposes only and there may be small discrepancies of any services supplied.

All Services which appear on the Website are subject to availability.

We may make changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement. We will notify you of these changes. We rigorously check all holiday information to ensure it is correct to the best of our knowledge before being published. Product descriptions and facilities may change before and after you book as our marketing material is prepared well in advance. Please check the up to date position at the time of booking as service providers may wish to maintain or improve their facilities. Flight times, carriers and routes are given for guidance only as there may be changes and details will be shown on your final itinerary and e-tickets. Tour, excursion, or  itineraries may change as a result of local conditions. Circumstances such as these, or weather conditions, time of year, events occurring in the destination or other situations beyond our control etc., may cause some of the amenities we have described to be unavailable or different from those advertised. When we are told of any significant or long-term changes we will endeavour to advise you without undue delay.

A Contract will be formed for the Services ordered only when you receive an email from us confirming the Order (Order Confirmation). You must ensure that the Order Confirmation is complete and accurate and inform us immediately of any errors. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies in the Order placed by you. By placing an Order you agree to us giving you confirmation of the Contract by means of an email with all information in it (ie the Order Confirmation, dates, flight details, accommodation details etc). You will receive the Order Confirmation within a reasonable time after making the booking, but in any event not later than the delivery of any service supplied under the Contract, and before performance begins of any of the Services

If you have any medical condition, disability, or special requirements related to these which may affect your holiday (including the booking process), please tell us before you confirm your booking. We can then assist you in considering the suitability of the holiday and the services that we are able to provide.

By booking with us you confirm that you are in good health and have no medical history that would make it dangerous for you or others to participate.

Website guide prices can go up or down and we will give you the up to date price before you make a booking, including the cost of any peak season supplements, fuel surcharges, upgrades or additional facilities which you have requested. Once you have accepted this price and a booking has been made, the price is fully guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharges.

Unless otherwise stated, your booking does not include visa fees, overseas airport taxes, overseas porterage, any government taxes or compulsory charges to be paid locally, (these will be communicated within your documentation, where such fees are known to us); taxes, levies or other compulsory charges that require payment by you, directly. Where possible, we will advise you of any local charges that may be due. Optional excursions or activities booked during your holiday are payable by you. Any sundry costs incurred by you in preparation for your holiday, including but not limited to insurance, vaccinations, screening and medical certifications are at your own cost.

Scheduled airlines normally regard name changes as a cancellation and rebooking, so any alteration may incur a 100% cancellation charge in respect of the air fare. 

We plan arrangements a long time in advance of your holiday using independent suppliers. On occasions changes do have to be made, and we reserve the right to make these. Most of these changes are minor. However, occasionally, changes are significant. Examples of a significant change include: a change of accommodation to that of a lower category and/or price for the whole or a major part of your time away, a change of flight time of more than 12 hours, a change of UK departure airport (except between London airports), or a significant change of resort area. We do our best to avoid cancelling holidays but we must reserve the right to do so and will only cancel your confirmed booking after you have made full payment where we are forced to do so as a result of ‘force majeure’  or lack of minimum numbers. If we have to make a significant change or cancel, we will tell you as soon as possible. If there is time to do so before departure, we will offer you the choice of the following options:-

(a) accepting the changed arrangements (with any refunds that may be due to you for changes to a lower category of service); or

(b) selecting an alternative tour from us of a similar standard to that originally booked, if available. If this holiday is cheaper than the original, we will refund the price difference. You will be liable to us for any additional costs payable for the new arrangements; or

(c) cancelling the booking or accepting our cancellation of the booking, in which case you will receive a full refund of all monies you have paid to us, within 14 days.

Whilst every effort is made to operate a tour as advertised, on occasion it may be necessary to make changes to the accommodation, content, routing or order of an itinerary. Unless the change significantly alters the holiday, no refunds or compensation will be payable.

Operational decisions may be taken by air carriers and airports resulting in delays, diversions, overbookings, downgrades or rescheduling. Kenyan Photo Tours has no control over such decisions and is therefore unable to accept responsibility for them. Where, as a result of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances we are obliged to change or end your holiday after departure, but before the end of your holiday, we will not pay compensation or reimburse you for expenses incurred. You should have adequate travel insurance for your holiday and claim via your insurance company for any loss or damage to luggage and/or personal possessions.

Very rarely, we may be forced by “force majeure”  to change or terminate your holiday after departure but before the scheduled end of your time away. This is extremely unlikely but if this situation does occur, we regret we will be unable to make any refunds (unless we obtain any refunds from our suppliers), pay you any compensation or meet any costs or expenses you incur as a result. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance in place to cover any such eventuality.

If you cut short your holiday and return home early in circumstances where i) you have no reasonable cause for complaint about the standard of accommodation and/or the holiday services provided, or ii) any lack of conformity could reasonably have been remedied via the provision of alternative arrangements or an appropriate price reduction, your decision to curtail will be deemed elective. No refunds will be payable for the unused elements of your holiday that were not completed, and we will not be in a position to assist with any associated costs that you may incur while returning home. Depending on the circumstances, your travel insurance may offer cover for curtailment and we suggest that any claim is made directly with them.

If, in our reasonable opinion or in the opinion of any other person in authority, your behaviour is causing or is likely to cause danger, upset or damage to property or is persistently affecting the enjoyment of others, we reserve the right to terminate your holiday. Should this happen, no refund or compensation will be paid to you or any member of your travelling party and we will have no further responsibility for your holiday arrangements, including your return travel.

You must bring any complaint to the attention of our local representative or agent and the hotel immediately and they will do their best to rectify the situation. It is unreasonable to delay or take no action whilst on holiday, but then to complain upon your return and this may affect our ability to investigate and take remedial action and it may impact on the way your complaint is dealt with.

Not all areas of the world operate with the same level of political and social freedom that we’re used to here in the UK. Certain countries have very strict laws on extramarital / LGBT+ relationships and the punishment for breaking these can be severe. Even in countries where extramarital / LGBT+ relations are legal, the levels of tolerance and acceptance within society may still vary hugely. In order to get the most out of your holiday, it is important to respect the local traditions, customs, laws and religions. Please refer to the FCO’s destination guidance for any countries you are planning to visit, so you can consider whether they suit your needs.

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